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 Streamline the sales process from the salesperson to the SYSPRO business   system, dramatically reducing processing time and potential overhead costs while supplying salespeople with the power of mobility. The sales person can connect to the business system and retrieve information about customers and products and store it in a database resident on the mobile device. At the same time, remotely created orders are sent to the SYSPRO system to be processed to completion.

Increase customer service by having the ordering information at your fingertips. Once this data is available on the handheld PC, the sales person can quote prices, check product availability, customer account credit, and view customer information.

 Since all the information required for these tasks is stored on the handheld unit,  a real time connection with the business system is not necessary. A salesperson may synchronize his or her data with the SYSPRO system in the morning, write orders all day, and then synchronize once again at the end of the day to send the orders to the SYSPRO system. Note, that an internet signal is often poor to nil in convention centers, so if you wanting to write orders at a trade show, a stand alone system is the more reliable option.


Is a program to calculate Alimentary pensions. It is based on the the 'determination of child support payments form' for the province of Quebec, Canada. AliCalc is particularly useful when payment calculations are required quickly, as  in court or during a meeting. The program can be used to compute a  'what if?' scenario. 
The software is free and the 'table of determination' database must be purchased each year 

Update! June/2006. AliCalc will now print the the determination forms. You can  print the determination form using your PDA via wireless communication  to an office printer in seconds.  Or you if you have a printer with IRDA, you can simply use your PDA's IR connection.

Update! Dec/2006. A version of AliCalc is now available for the Pocket PC.

For a limited time we are offering a Free evaluation version of Alicalc. To receive a copy click HERE and indicate your name , address and if you have a Palm or Pocket PC. 







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